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"The city is in chaos. We must turn the tide. We may be different with different skills, but when the world is darkest, we fight for the same cause, for we are stronger as a brotherhood, together.”

Apple Bloom

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"I thought it might bring clarity. Or instill a sense of accomplishment. But all I feel is regret."

Assassin’s Creed Unity → Arno and Elise: Details

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With a new convention and a new demo to show off, we got lots more questions on Twitter about Assassin’s Creed Unity. So we convinced Creative Director, Alex Amancio to take charge of the Assassin’s Creed Twitter account for a whole hour…

Q: Can you tell us more about Elise’s relationship to Arno? 
A: Elise and Arno grew up together and were always friends, they’ve known each other since 5 or 6. When they got older, they fell in love.

Q: Will the modern day story line be as interesting and inter-connected as it used to be during the Desmond Saga? or self-contained? 
A: It is the beginning of new cycle, and the context changes significantly.

Q: Can you upgrade everything by the end of the game? 
A: You can purchase every skill, because that means you’ve become a Master Assasin, but gear is a different story.

Q: Hey Alex, I know Unity will focus on the main pillars of AC, but will it have epic action scenes like Revelations? 
A: Yes! But I am not going to spoil anything!

Q: What kinds of new things will we see in Unity? 
A: Co-op, character progression, stealth mode, revamped core pillars, open-ended missions, biggest city in an AC.

Q: How extensive is the character load-out customization? 
A: There are four different specializations and you can choose to focus on any of them… There are four co-op skills, but you can only have one active at a time.

Q: Why was Unity the best game to introduce the new co-op mode? 
A: It’s the first fully next-generation Assassin’s Creed, so we had to reinvent a lot of the engine.

Q: How does it feel directing Unity compared to directing Revelations? How have things changed, other than the tech? 
A: Both projects are very different in that the challenge lies in two very different areas of the game. For Revelations, it was about concluding the trilogy of one of the most beloved characters in AC. For Unity, we had four years, but because we want to reinvent the fundamentals, we were working with more unknowns.

Q: Do you have a preferred playstyle for the game? Stealthy, combat, or a bit of both? 
A: I like to play the traditional Assassin way… more stealthy and be the blade in the crowd.

Q: What were the reasons for delaying the game? 
A: When the game comes together at the end, we can get the most done in polish. In those last two weeks, the little details can add up. They can be the difference between a good game and a great game.

Q: Can I do story missions co-op with my friends or is the story completely separate from co-op? 
A: Everything happens within the same world. Certain missions are related to Arno’s redemption quest. While other missions are related to the Brotherhood and their dealings in the French Revolution, those are co-op. Both are available to Arno and comprise his story.

Q: Is Eagle Pulse the less “matured” version of Eagle Vision? 
A: Eagle Pulse is the first level of the Eagle Vision skill.

Q: Will we be able to access the Catacombs of Paris??? 
A: You will indeed be able to access the Catacombs of Paris!

Q: Can all guards parry? Or will some guards be hit-able always from the beginning, like the grunts from AC3-4? 
A: It really depends on whether or not you catch them by surprise, but you can’t do automatic counters anymore

Q: How hard do you find making a game? Do you find much tedious or is most of it interesting? 
A: Making a game is extremely interesting. Every day is a new challenge. There’s no specific set of rules. You need to treat every situation like a new challenge.

Q: Will Arno be speaking any French in the game like Ezio spoke Italian? 
A: Arno speaks the occasional word in his native language, just as previous Assassins did.

Q: Is Arno related to Desmond or is he from another bloodline? 
A: He’s not related to Desmond, he is from another bloodline.

Q: Will there be different difficulty levels/settings in Unity? 
A: The missions have a star rating system to indicate their difficulty.

Thanks very much, I enjoyed talking to you directly! I hope you guys enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it!

Assassin’s Creed Rogue has continued to generate a lot of excitement. And with that comes a lot of questions. What better way to get answers than to hand over control of the Assassin’s Creed Twitter to Ivan Balabanov, Producer on the game…

Q: For the best ongoing narrative experience, should I play Rogue or Unity first. 
A: Each are unique narratives, so both have different advantages.

Q: Will there me multiple outfits as in other AC’s? 
A: Yes, there will be. Shay will have a variety of outfits.

Q: Can you tell us anything about the modern day story? 
A: We can’t say anything about that, except that there will be modern day. It exists.

Q: Will Rogue expand on Black Flag’s naval system? 
A: We’ll expand the naval experience in #ACRogue, with features like burning oil, puckle gun and reverse boarding!

Q: What is the relationship between Shay and Haytham? 
A: It’s a professional relationship. And… that’s all I’m going to say at the moment.

Q: How do you make the player want to kill who they’ve been playing as since the beginning? 
A: We’d love to answer this, but it’s for you to discover while playing.

Q: Does Shay have an interest in pieces of eden? 
A: Shay will be exposed to First Civilization artifacts, yes.

Q: What was the most exciting new feature added in AC? 
A: The whole Templar experience, on both land and the high seas!

Q: What’s the reason of releasing two different storylines? Which would impact the storyline more? 
A: The two stories compliment each other rather than contradict. They’re both part of the same universe.

Q: What sorts of new side missions can we expect in #ACRogue? 
A: The bulk of side missions are related to the Templar experience and Shay hunting down the Assassins. Or the Seven Years War… there are quite a few tie-ins there.

Q: Does Shay acts like a pirate sometimes ? 
A: Who doesn’t?

Q: What was the most challenging part of telling the narrative through the eyes of a Templar? 
A: To portray a convincing transition from Assassin to Templar, which I believe we pulled off well.

Q: Will there be any new weapons in #ACRogue? 
A: There will be new weapons galore, both on land and sea! Check this out.

Q: Is the armour that Shay used is the same as the Templar armour that Edward use in AC4? 
A: It’s not the same armor, but it’s emblematic of the style of Templar uniform of the time.

Q: Will Edward Kenway make an appearance in Rouge? 
A: The answer is in the book Assassin’s Creed Forsaken, which you can pick up here.

Q: Will this game tell what happened to the Assassin’s in the colonies prior to Connor joining? 
A: #ACRogue explains what happens between AC4 and AC3, why Connor must rebuild the Assassins.

Q: Since we play as an Assassin who joins the Templar Order will the games soundtrack sound darker than other ACgames? 
A: It does match the mood of the game, so, yeah, it does get pretty dark at times.

Q: How much fun was it to design a game around the “villain” for a change? 
A: Shay is not a villain… he’s a dark and powerful anti-hero and creating him was really enjoyable.

Q: Will the father of understanding guide us? 
A: Always.

Q: Where does AC Rogue take place? 
A: In the North America wilderness, North Atlantic and New York.

Q: Can I get clarity? In 4, it was stated Abstergo USED to be run by Templars, but later stated they still own it. 
A: It was founded by Templars, and harbors many Templar agents, but not every Abstergo employee is a Templar.

Q: Is Shay an ancestor of Desmond or is he from a complete different bloodline? 
A: Nope, Shay is not an ancestor of Desmond.

Q: Does Charles Lee appear in AC Rogue? 
A:Some historical figures are returning, but we’re not giving specifics just yet.

Q: Are Unity and Rogue connected in any sense and why is there no multiplayer this year???? 
A: Yes, they are connected.

Q: Will the diving bell and underwater diving return for Rogue or will it be replaced by something new? 
A: Due to the harsh climate of the North Atlantic, diving isn’t feasible for Shay and his crew.

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