actually edward kenway


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag → Havana

Locations: Assassin’s Creed - Animus Island

i lost a follower already???

on a side note.

my gifs were HORRIBLE



hahhahahaahah jk i’m coming back to this blog.

i just can’t leave! like how can i just leave this? i’ve left so many things in the past three years from my move then transition to college when i was gone from here and i thought i should leave this blog behind and start fresh with everything else, but this blog feels like home to me.. it’s what i need when i’m so lost with everything new around me. when i think about alamut i get a warm happy feeling inside but when i think about glyphh i’m nervous and always missing alamut… 

also …

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i’m back from the dead…again… i’m so very sorry for leaving everyone like … for three years.. haha. 

but, even though i have VERY strong and fond feelings for this blog, i’ve started a new blog glyphh! my gifs are still just as crappy but eh. 

i still want you to know that i love each and every one of you, and i remember all the great, large, amount of people that i follow… 65! haha, i can’t believe i followed so few people ._. my follower to following ratio is like ginormous whoa. BUT i’ve followed you all back on my new blog, and yes i’ve followed more than 65, almost double actually. 

please still love me :( 

Assassin’s Creed III Boston

but Petruccio’s feathers though

Well, if you guys couldn’t tell.. I really love glitches in games lol. Check out the full video!

jskdlalksjd WHY IS EVERYONE SO SWEET ;u; i don’t deserve any of this… 

Anonymous - this is a message back from alamut. lolol <3

Anonymous - hi! i’m good. i’m so happy that people actually talked to me lol. even though i had a majour derp moment. studying went well! i just need to learn how to write neater lol. thanks for the message xox how are you doing??

british-assassin - hey let’s go on a date? yeah? <3 

frompawntoqueen - hay qurl hay. i’ll make a gif if i have time heheheehehe. i’m so busy omg. what’s going on with you lately? missed you :*

witapipe - IT’S GOOD TO BE BACKKKK /hugs you even if you don’t want a hug

bennyboyblackfriend - everrlynn c: my instagram is madddd boring though. what’s your instagram? actually, everyone reading this just send me their instagram lol.

Anonymous - … matthew chen iz dis u? ilu. if not. i still love you anon <3 

tableturret - 19.5 apples tall. i’m so short it’s embarrassing. um. i love all kinds of tea! but if i had to choose then earl grey or green! what’s yours? grapes of wrath. LOLJKJKJK DON’T READ THAT UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR BRAIN TO FRY. okay it’s not thatttt bad but it’s just really dry. umm. 50 shades of grey. okay kidding again. i suck. uh. i’ve been reading the hush, hush series to tap into my inner teenage girl :x (shhh) CONNOR IS MINE. I FORBID ANYONE ELSE TO LOOK AT HIM. >((((((((((((((

thehuckleberry - omg i made those gifs FOREVER ago… omg…….jsdklfjlkgj let me kiss your face like please come here. you just made my heart like burst into happiness. like it literally bursted. i’m dead right now. but <3 omg let me recollect myself… hi i’m evelyn and it’s nice to meet you. man.. seriously though, following me even though i was on a hiatus… you’re a keeper <3 

Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad → Ezio Auditore da Firenze → Ratonhnhaké:ton → Desmond Miles